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Event branding helps you build a meaningful relationship with your attendees and keeps them coming back to your events. As an added benefit, the positive interactions they have with your brand empowers them to share their experiences across their own network, thereby helping grow your brand even further.

In this webinar recording, you’ll learn:
  • How your event brand awareness is directly tied to attendee retention and growth
  • How event branding impacts attendee loyalty, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z
  • Simple strategies to promote your event brand & maximize registration
  • Tactical ideas that ensure your event brand resonates with attendees and is consistently top-of-mind
  • EventMobi customer success stories on how clients used event tech to create stronger brand awareness

Aidan Ryan
Director of Customer Success

At EventMobi, Aidan helps empower event planners to create incredible event experiences. He's an expert when it comes to knowing how to build and grow an event brand, whether it's from the ground up or further enhancing what already exists. He's worked with hundreds of clients over the years, advising best practices and sharing his insights to help event planners be successful. 

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