Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Time: 2pm ET
Length: 30 min +15 min Q&A

It’s no surprise that event attendees frequently cite networking and interaction with other attendees as one of the factors they find most impactful about attending events. As a planner, it’s up to you to deliver an event experience that provides multiple opportunities for attendees to connect and interact. This will ensure they get the most from your event, and keep them wanting to return year after year.

Building an Event Community goes beyond just providing a place and way for people to meet at your event. It creates year-round engagement and loyalty that keeps your attendees interacting before, during and after your event.

Join us for a 30 minute information packed webinar recording where we’ll demystify how to create a community at your event. You’ll learn:

  • What an Event Community is and how it can transform your event
  • Why building a community should be an essential part of your marketing strategy to achieve long term success of your event(s)
  • What is required of you as a planner to create and sustain an event-based community
  • The tools and technology that can make creating a community easier
  • How other event organizers are creating successful communities at their events

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